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Burnett feels blamed for Posada sitting

A.J. Burnett will pitch to Jose Molina Friday

A.J. Burnett will pitch to Jose Molina Friday night in Game 2. Credit: Getty Images

A.J. Burnett didn’t want to get in the middle of the Jose Molina- Jorge Posada catching decision, but he did. And now the Yankees’ Game 2 starter feels like he’s being blamed somehow for Posada taking a seat on Friday. “

It’s making me out to be the bad guy again,” Burnett said in the Yankees dugout before last night’s Game 1. “It comes down to Boston (on Aug. 22) when I said, ‘Why, why, why (on the mound)?’ But over my career, I’ve done that a handful of times. If you ask guys I’ve played with, I don’t show guys up. “

And obviously Jorge’s upset. He’s a big part of this team. He’s a leader on and off the field and hopefully his mind will be right to get in there and get a pinch hit when the time comes.”

Burnett confirmed Joe Girardi’s words from Tuesday that the pitcher, who was 3-1 with a 2.92 ERA over his final six starts of the regular season with Molina catching, did not ask for either Posada or Molina to catch him.

“I’ve thrown good to both,” Burnett said. “In my good games, I’m right. In my bad games, it’s not the catcher, it’s me. So it’s a matter of -- and people don’t know me here so they don’t know how to take me -- but when I’m good, it doesn’t matter which one’s behind the plate.”


Burnett’s blow-up in that Aug. 22 game against the Red Sox, when he allowed nine runs in a 14-1 loss and was caught on camera saying “Why?” to himself after a David Ortiz home run in the fifth.

He and Posada were not in sync then, and Posada caught only one of Burnett’s eight starts after that. But Burnett said Wednesday that the two are fine.


“We have a great relationship, in the clubhouse, on the field,” Burnett said. “I’ve even gone to Joe (Girardi) in the past and said, ‘Hey, give me either one.’ It’s his decision. I was up for either one.”

Despite the mini-controversy, Burnett is very much anticipating his first postseason start on Friday. He’s got almost all his family up from Little Rock, all except his father, Bill, who is still recovering from triple-bypass surgery last week.

“I wish my pops could make it, but hopefully down the road he’ll get to one,” Burnett said. “I’m just looking forward to getting out there

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