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BCS: Oregon's loss is everyone else's gain

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron celebrates a touchdown against

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron celebrates a touchdown against LSU during the first half. (Nov. 9, 2013) Credit: AP

Oregon couldn’t have picked a worse week to lose its first game of the season. With Alabama, Florida State and Baylor winning in dominating fashion and Ohio State still undefeated, the Ducks fell from third to sixth in the latest BCS standings.

Making matters worse for the Ducks, they fell behind Stanford in the BCS standings and PAC-12 North standings. If Stanford wins its remaining three games against USC, Cal and Notre Dame, Oregon will not only be squeezed out of the PAC-12 title game, but the Ducks could be left out of the BCS Bowl picture completely.

A big winner this weekend was Baylor. Because there is no Big 12 championship game, Baylor could sneak into the BCS title game if Alabama, Florida State or Ohio State slips up. We know, Stanford is ahead of Baylor in the BCS standings, but the Bears still have Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Texas left on their schedule. A clean sweep could push them ahead of Stanford in the final BCS standings, especially since the Cardinal doesn’t play any ranked teams the rest of the way. Assuming it can hold on and win the PAC-12 North, Stanford will likely play Arizona State or UCLA in the title game. But will that be enough to keep them ahead of an undefeated Baylor?

Mid-major report: Fresno State (9-0) is up to No. 14, which leaves them two places short of securing automatic BCS Bowl bid. With New Mexico (3-6), San Jose State (5-4) and the Mountain West title game against either Utah State or Boise State, the Bulldogs are going to need a couple of more teams ahead of them to lose. Northern Illinois (9-0) is 15th with a tough home game against Ball State and contests against Toledo (6-3) and Western Michigan (1-9) left. It’s conceivable that Northern Illinois could jump Fresno State if it can beat Ball State (9-1).

Under BCS rules only one school from a non-AQ (Automatic Qualifier) conference can earn an automatic bid to a BCS Bowl. If both Fresno State and Northern Illinois finish in the top 12, the one that finishes the highest will get the automatic non-AQ bid.

1. Alabama (9-0) .9958
2. Florida State (9-0) .9619
3. Ohio State (9-0) .8926
4. Stanford (8-1) .8689
5. Baylor (8-0) .8618
6. Oregon (8-1) .7665
7. Auburn (9-1) .7206
8. Clemson (8-1) .7200
9. Missouri (9-1) .7118
10. South Carolina (7-2) .5584
11. Texas A&M (8-2) .5473
12. Oklahoma State (8-1) .4671
13. UCLA (7-2) .4548
14. Fresno State (9-0) .4317
15. Northern Illinois (9-0) .3505
16. Michigan State (8-1) .3417
17. Central Florida (7-1) .3411
18. Oklahoma (7-2) .2926
19. Arizona State (7-2) .2833
20. Louisville (8-1) .2806
21. LSU (7-3) .2757
22. Wisconsin (7-2) .2612
23. Miami, Fla. (7-2) .1471
24. Texas (7-2) .1092
25. Georgia (6-3) .0857

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