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BCS sets bowl dates with NFL lockout in mind

The Bowl Championship Series announced the dates for its five bowl games for the 2011-12 season.

According to this Associated Press story, the national title game in New Orleans will be Jan. 10, with the flexibility to move it to Jan. 7 or 10.

The Rose Bowl starts the schedule on Jan. 2, the Sugar Bowl will be Jan. 3, the Orange Bowl is scheduled for Jan. 4, and the Fiesta Bowl will be played on Jan. 5.

There are no games scheduled for Jan. 1 because that is when the NFL regular season is scheduled to end. But the lockout could change that.

Yes, the schedule is odd this season because the regular NFL schedule -- and the potential for conflicts due to the lockout -- could cause the college games to go up against NFL games. So the BCS wisely decided to schedule its game on days when there are no NFL games. But the bowls could get switched again if the lockout pushes the NFL schedule back. The Rose Bowl, however, appears safe for Jan. 2.

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