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Cohen named defensive coordinator at Western Michigan

Dave Cohen is now the former football coach at Hofstra; he was named the defensive coordinator at Division I-A Western Michigan yesterday.

It was not necessarily a joyous occasion for Cohen, 43, who lost his team when Hofstra dropped the sport last month. "The whole move is bittersweet,'' he said in a telephone interview from Kalamazoo. "I'm most excited about what is in front of me, but I didn't leave Hofstra with the success I've had at other stops on my resume.''

The "for sale" sign is going up at Cohen's Commack residence. "We'll take a bath on that and move forward,'' he said.

Cohen had a year remaining on his contract at Hofstra, where he compiled an 18-26 record in four seasons. His new deal with Western Michigan will pay him $125,000 annually.

"The facilities are awesome and it is a great place to live,'' Cohen said. "You can certainly get a lot more house for your money.''

Cohen had received a similar offer from Georgia Southern but wanted to coach at the I-A level under longtime friend Bill Cubit. "Georgia Southern was a great opportunity,'' Cohen said, "but [being a I-AA defensive coordinator] was something I felt I had already done.''

Cohen was the defensive coordinator at Delaware before being named coach at Hofstra.

Cohen was delighted that Western Michigan hired Rich Nagy, Cohen's defensive coordinator at Hofstra, as its safeties coach. "To have a guy like Rich come with me makes it even easier,'' Cohen said. "We speak the same language. We're on the same page.''

Cohen said he has no ill will toward the Hofstra administration. "Administrators have to make decisions,'' he said. "It is not for me to agree or disagree with them. It is very difficult to put yourself in their shoes.''

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