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CBS, Turner Sports: Thumbs up

BROADCAST TEAMSThe championship game has been telecast by

The championship game has been telecast by NBC, ESPN, CBS and ESPN again (since 1996). Announcers have included Marv Albert, Jim Nantz (pictured), Mike Tirico, Brent Musberger, Billy Packer and Dick Vitale. Credit: CBS

You have to hand it to CBS and Turner Sports. The coverage has been terrific. With fans able to tune into any game they want to see, it's led to big ratings.

Turner Sports’ and CBS Sports’ coverage of the tournament across CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV averaged 8.4 million viewers, up 14 percent over last year's total viewership.

It's no surprise that ratings are up. Aside from the fact that there are several new personalities involved, including Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Reggie Miller, fans can actually stick with one game from start to finish and not have to worry about getting switched off of it by CBS.

Why is that significant? Too often viewers would be stuck watching a team only because it was in that particular region. Now, east coast fans can watch Jimmer Fredette play without interruption. Transplanted North Carolina fans who might live in Calirfornia can tune in and watch the Tar Heels play a full game. That wasn't always the case.

More importantly, if two games happen to be going down to the wire simutaneously, the fan can choose which ending they want to see as opposed to CBS making the choice.

0f course there is the argument is that every home doesn't get TruTV or that you don't always know what game is on what channel.

You can't please everyone.

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