U.S. Department of Eduaction Secretary Arne Duncan said he had a solution that would fix the athletic graduation rate problem "in a hurry". 

"They should make a rule that if you're below a certain point, you shouldn't qualify for the [NCAA] tournament," Duncan said to reporters at the Capitol on Wednesday. 

Duncan also talked about the issue at the NCAA convention in Atlanta last week. 

"You had four teams that didn't graduate any African-American players. Zero," he said, according to the Associated Press. "And why did we allow them to play in this tournament, make all this money, be on national TV, and they're not graduating any kids?"

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The issue has come to the forefront over the last couple of seasons after several reports had surfaced regarding low graduation rates at BCS schools. 

The Boston Globe reported that Memphis, under then-coach John Calipari, graduated just 44 percent of his players and Connecticut graduated 22 percent of its African-American players and 33 percent overall.