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Hofstra offense finds its groove

Hofstra University junior forward Shante Evans drives to

Hofstra University junior forward Shante Evans drives to the basket during women's basketball team practice held at Mack Sports Complex. (Oct. 31, 2011) Credit: James Escher

Winning in basketball is always fun. But it’s even more fun when your team has a wide open offense that gets everyone involved.

Enter the Hofstra women’s team, a squad that used an up-tempo offensive attack to knock off Seton Hall, 94-74, at the Mack Sports Complex on Thursday night.

“Honestly, I love this offense. There are so many options,” said junior forward Shante Evans. ‘You can throw any defense you want, but there’s always an option, someone to score and someone who can get open.”

Evans was correct in her assessment as five players finished in double figures. But Evans wasn’t the leading scorer. Nicole Capurso had 20 points and Kate Loper added 17.

“If you double me, you’ll leave Kate open or you’ll leave Capurso open. If you double me, you have Marie on the down low and you have Candice driving by people. Our offense is great,” added Evans.

Loper and Capurso each hit three three-pointers.

“When we see zone our eyes light up as shooters and when you see man, our post’s eyes light up…We know we’re going to get wide open looks,” Loper said. “So when you know you’re going to get wide open looks and you know you’re going to score, it’s obviously fun.”

You can tell how much fun it’s been. It was the fourth time this season Hofstra has scored 88 or more points in a game this season. The Pride (5-1) scored 88 against Gonzaga, 93 against St. John’s and 90 versus Eastern Washington. Sufficed to say, Hofstra has several options.

JUCO transfer Deven Green had a career high 13 points and senior center Marie Malone had 11 points. With that type of productivity off the bench, Hofstra will be tough for any team to handle.

And this isn't just a one-game thing. The Pride has gotten scoring from all over its roster.

“They worked hard to get it to this point by sharing the ball… We’ve got a really good healthy mix of offensive ability to score. A lot of people have a lot in their arsenal,” Pride coach Krista Kilburn-Steveskey said.

The depth and offensive versatility has made Hofstra a dangerous opponent and not afraid when it steps on to the court to face a major-conference program.

“When I first came here coach was telling us when you play bigger conferences people are going to think that you guys can’t win and you’re the underdogs and stuff like that,” said Loper. “When we went in and we competed and we beat them, it wasn’t a big surprise to me, because we all know how really good we are.”

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