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How the Big Ten's proposed expansion impacts Hofstra

Yes, if the Big Ten expands, Hofstra could be impacted.

I know we've been beating a dead horse with this Hofstra-leaving-the-CAA business, but sometimes it's worth continuing the discussion.

Here's how the Big Ten adding a team could effect Hofstra.

Several coaches in the Big Ten, Penn State's Joe Paterno included, believe the conference should expand so there could be a championship game in football. It makes perfect sense. The Big Ten's football season ends way too soon and a conference championship game would bring in a ton of ratings, a lot of money and keep the Big Ten in the national championship picture.

The Big Ten approached Notre Dame in 1999 about joining for football, but the Irish refused. Well, the Big Ten is talking expansion again. And according to, Missouri, Rutgers and Pittsburgh are teams that the conference may be targeting.

If Rutgers or Pittsburgh opts to bold for the Big Ten, the Big East will need to find a new team. No Hofstra won't be the team the Big East comes looking for, but the Big East may end up raiding the Atlantic 10. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilites for the Big East to grab two different schools. One to play football and one for basketball.

A perfect example would be a school like Memphis. The Big East could take Conference USA's Memphis for football and an A-10 team like Xavier for basketball. Or they could make a play for Charlotte for basketball and Memphis for football. You may ask why I didn't mention Memphis for basketball. Memphis' profile took a huge hit when John Calipari left. The program won't be the same without him.

At first glance that sounds crazy, but that's how things usually work when a team leaves one conference for another. UMass could also be a possibility for the Big East if Rutgers or Pitt were to leave. UMass hasn't been a major factor in college basketball in several years, but it makes perfect sense geographically.

For all you Temple fans thinking the Owls could jump to the Big East, forget it. Temple was kicked out of the Big East for football. That left a bitter taste in their mouth. I can't see them making a play to move to the Big East for basketball.

It took a while, but here's where Hofstra comes in: 

If Xavier or Charlotte were to bolt to the Big East, that would leave a spot open in the Atlantic 10. There's no doubt in my mind that Hofstra would jump at a chance to play in the Atlantic 10. Hofstra fits geographically and there are several natural rivaries that could develop.

Keep in mind this is all speculation on my part. But I can guarantee you if the Big Ten expands and Notre Dame doesn't except an invite, the dominos will fall.

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