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Marquette coach backs Roberts, not refs

   Marquette coach Buzz Williams doesn't mince words or hold back on his feelings, although sometimes it seems as if you need subtitles, or a road map, to figure out what he's saying.

         He had an interesting news conference after his favored team scrambled and came back to beat St. John's 57-55. For instance, he mentioned that he told guard Dwight Buycks that he thinks the junior is "a really good player," but the coach in him just has more faith in senior David Cubillan, who sank the pivotal three-pointer that put Marquette ahead to stay with 1:05 left. "I trust Cuby like I trust my wife," Williams said.

          Williams went on to knock the media (I think) when he recalled the reaction when his team was 2-5 at the start of the season. "It was because I couldn't coach. I couldn't manage end of game situations. We didn't practice free throws. How bad of a coach can you be to not practice free throws? ....And now..our players are taking hypnosis so that they can make free throws."  I took the latter as sarcasm.

         He sounded earnest when he spoke of St. John's coach Norm Roberts, whose team lost a paif or two-point games to Marquette this season. "I told coach Roberts this before the game. I told hiim this after the game. I was on some big radio show here in town yesterday. I said it after we played at Carnesecca Arena: Coach Roberts doesn't get the credit he's deserving of for how hard his team plays.

      "If you were to ask our players who is the hardest-playing team in the league, they would tell you St. John’s. I don’t think teams play hard just for one another. I think they play hard for one another and their coach. I think that’s what St. John’s does. I think that’s what they did yesterday. And I thought they were the hardest playing team today.”

            When he was asked about a foul call with just over minute yet, he was not so kind in talking about the officials (I think).  At first Darius Johnson-Odom was sent to the line with little over a minute left, but then the officials changed their minds and said that Johnson-Odom had been passing and not in the act of shooting. So it was Marquette ball on the side. It worked out well for Marquette—that led to Cubillan’s three, but it didn’t sit well with Williams.

          “I want to handle it the right way. I’m really disappointed,” he said. “My wife will get mad at me if I said anything because it would hurt my kid’s college fund. [But] I’m mad. I’m really upset. Really upset because it’s not justifiably fair. And I’m glad that it happened on this stage and hope that it will stop.”

          Meaning that officials will give his team a fair shake. I think.




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