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NCAA changes charge rule

All anti-Duke fans can rejoice, because your prayers may have been answered. The days of a player sitting under the basket and being able to take a charge in college basketball are over. Coach K's teams have always taken pride in defense and taking charges. Getting those offensive foul calls will be a bit tougher next season. 

The NCAA passed a new rule Thursday, which now places an arc three feet from the basket. Like the NBA, a player standing on or inside of the arc cannot take a charge.

The NCAA delayed implementing the arc for Division II and III to allow those schools to make the necessary changes on the court.

In other moves, the women's three-point line will be pushed back to 20 feet, 9 inches. The men have shot from that distance since the 2008-2009 season.

The NCAA has also instituted a 10-second violation in the women's game, but only for testing purposes during the exhibition season. Terminology for intentional foul calls have also been changed. Intentional fouls will now be called flagrant fouls.

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