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NCAA selection chair: Committee does terrific job

Chairman of the NCAA selection committee Dan Guerrero was on WFAN with Mike Francesa and defended the committee's selections. 

The obvious question was how Duke received the third No.3 and Syracuse the fourth. Guerrero admitted a team winning its regular season and conference tournament championship goes a long way with the seeding committee.

"We spend a lot of time deliberating on the one line," Guerrero said. "In the end, we felt the body of work for all four teams on the one line was fantastic."

Villanova getting a No.2 seed also raised a lot of eyebrows. But Guerrero stressed that the committee looks at an entire body of work, not just the last 10 or 12 games.

"Slump is relative," Guerrero said in reference to Villanova, which lost four of its final six games. "When you see who they loss to and margin of loss...They lost to some pretty darn good teams...We didn't feel it was going to do them justice to ding them on how they did coming into the stretch."

Strong tournament runs don't necessarily mean a team will become a lock. Mississippi State made a great run in the SEC tournament and lost to Kentucky, 75-74, in ovetime.  

"We're very conscious about impulse buying," Guerrero said. "[But] it's very clear someone can either expose themself one way or another."

As for the idea that the committee isn't qualified to make selections, Guerrero insisted his team sees as many games as it needs.

"The NCAA provides with all of the tools we need...But that's just part of it," he said. "We go out and watch a lot of games. We get games sent to us by various conferences and teams...We TIVO four or five games a night."

So there you go folks. Selecting 65 worthy teams isn't easy. There's certainly no a perfect science to it and it is a thankless job. It's not something I would want to do.

Here's the bracket.

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