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Good Evening

It was another tournament selection show and another group of snubs. Every season there are at least of handful of teams that can make the argument they should’ve been in the tournament.

Here are some interesting facts about the field of 68. There are 13 teams with at least 11 losses in the field. There are five teams that have 14 losses. From 1985 through 2010 there were only six teams total that had 14 losses.

Now for the snubs.

Alabama (21-11, 12-4 SEC)Arguments for: The Tide won 21 games, which included a win over Kentucky. Arguments against: Losses to Seton Hall, Iowa, St. Peter’s and Providence were a killer. And the Crimson Tide had no quality non-conference wins. Their strong SEC record is deceiving because only one of those 12 conference victories came against the top three teams (Florida, Kentucky, Vanderbilt).

Colorado (21-13, 8-8 BIG 12)Arguments for: Like Alabama, the Buffaloes won 21 games. They beat Kansas State three times, Missouri and Texas. Arguments against: No quality non-conference wins combined with losses to Iowa State and San Francisco likely did in the Buffs. Beating Kansas State three times is impressive, but you have to beat someone worth mentioning in non-conference.

St. Mary’s (25-8, 11-3 WCC) Arguments for: They beat Gonzaga and St. John’s. Arguments against: The problem is the only quality wins were against Gonzaga and St. John’s. You can’t have just one win over a top-50 RPI team and expect to get the benefit of the doubt.

Virginia Tech (21-11, 9-7 ACC)Arguments for: Wins over Florida State (twice), Duke and Penn State should’ve been enough in some people’s eyes. Arguments against: The Hokies went 1-4 against ranked teams, with just one quality non-conference win (Penn State). The Hokies went 4-4 down the stretch. Losses to Georgia Tech and Virginia in the second half of the season really hurt.

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