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Suspended Brandon Davies with BYU

With two games left in the regular season, Brigham Young forward Brandon Davies was suspended by the school for a violation of the morals that every student commits to follow when making the decision to attend the Mormon school. It subsequently was revealed that Davies admitted having premarital sex with his girlfriend, and he still faces discipline that could include expulsion.

But BYU coach Dave Rose yesterday acknowledged that Davies (pictured out of uniform) has been allowed to travel with the Cougars to New Orleans for their NCAA Southeast Regional semifinal against Florida on Thursday. Asked by a local reporter why the school didn't let Davies slide for conduct that wouldn't raise an eyebrow most anyplace else, "Rose said, "Our players understand and our students understand [the requirement] when they come to BYU. I respect the fact that it's hard for others to understand, but our players and students at BYU are committed.

"The issue with Brandon right now is that the support of the team, him being able to travel with the team, is really good for him. And him being around our players is really good for us. That's why our administration and our staff have made the decision to have him with us."

The same reporter asked Florida coach Billy Donovan how hard it would be to recruit "if you had to tell your recruits, 'You can't have premarital sex if you come to Florida?'" Donovan wisely replied, "I'll take a pass on that one."

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