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The best of Da'Sean Butler

Throughout the Big East tournament and into the NCAA tournament, no one has had more fun than Da'Sean Butler, and it's not just because he's made two of his six game-winning shots this season. While the Mountaineers are on a roll on the court with six straight wins in both tournaments, Butler has been on a roll in the interview room.

Here is a sampling of some of his greatest hits before West Virginia's Elite Eight matchup against Kentucky tonight at the Carrier Dome:

On defending freshman Wildcats star John Wall: "Play tough, play hard, and if you play hard enough, that's all you can do. He's a very explosive player. He's also a leader for their team. When things are going well for him, you kind of see them going well for the entire team, but if he's struggling, then everyone else is as well."

On Kentucky's youth: "Everyone says they're young, but they don't play like they're young. They play like veterans."

On accepting coach Bob Huggins when he replaced John Beilein, who went to Michigan: "Honestly, he embraced our differences and incorporated them into his style of play, and that's a great coach. The intensity level has changed dramatically. We used to joke about it being a country club, and now the intensity level is very high. When I first heard he was coming, I thought, 'Oh, here we go. I'm going to Michigan.' I'm glad I didn't leave because now I would be doing all kinds of nothing."

On Huggins' past heart attack: "He says things to us like, 'They shocked me back to life, and I could have gotten there faster.' Or, 'I had a heart attack and was at practice the next day. So, don't complain. Just go out and play.' The assistants calm him down a little. No one can calm him down fully, but they do a good job."

On misconceptions about Huggins: "People think he is a cheater and is dirty, and he is very far from those things. He expects a lot out of his players, and in turn, it makes us expect more from ourselves. He has been 100 percent honest with us. It makes you want to work harder for him, and I can do nothing else but thank him."

On Huggins' sideline wardrobe, which usually is a warmup suit as opposed to a dress suit: "Everyone makes fun of him for it, but we're a superstitious team and we've been winning with it. We are who we are, a very comfortable, family-oriented team. I know when I'm around my family, I don't throw on a suit."

On his penchant for making game-winning shots: "I would love a last-possession game. Don't get me wrong, I would like to win by 30. But if it has to be a last-second shot, I want the ball in my hands. Those are the things I used to practice in my driveway as a kid. I had a great imagination and would practice last-second shots in front of huge crowds in my head. I always hit the shot, and if I didn't, I was fouled or got the rebound and followed up and made it. It's more fun to do it in front of a real crowd now."

On who he thinks should be the No. 1 NBA draft pick: "I would probably pick Devin [teammate Ebanks] or me. I need the money."

On the border battle between neighboring West Virginia and Kentucky: "It's going to be really cool. Kentucky has Ashley Judd and Drake, and we have older stars like Jerry West. So, they have the hip, cool people, and we have the veterans -- very much like our teams."

On how he handles pre-game interviews: "I love every part of it. It's not that difficult to come out and talk about it to all of you [reporters]. It's part of the process…You have to enjoy the moment, and this is part of the moment. I think we all enjoy the hype."

And that's how Da'Sean rolls.

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