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Fiesta Bowl fined, but stays in BCS

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl will remain in the Bowl Championship Series, but it will cost them. The BCS presidential oversight committee fined the Fiesta Bowl $1 million for inappropriate spending and alleged illegal campaign contributions.

The Fiesta Bowl reportedly reimbursed $45,000 to employees for political contributions, which violate state and federal laws. The Fiesta Bowl was also cited for spending $33,000 on a party and running up a $1,200 strip club bill for then-CEO John Junker. 

Junker has since been fired.

In addition to the fine imposed, according to a report received by the Associated Press, the Fiesta Bowl must increase its supervision of its executives and board members to prevent any future frauds.

At least two of Fiesta Bowl board members must come from the collegiate community, such as an athletic director or faculty member. They also have to consult with the BCS on the hiring of their next executive director, according to the AP report.

But those changes won't necessarily take the Fiesta Bowl off the hook. An NCAA panel stil hasn't decided whether it will still license the bowl.

The NCAA also plans to re-evaluate how it license bowls and has implemented a three-year hold on new postseason games in light of the Fiesta Bowl scandal.

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