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Fiesta Bowl fires Junker after investigation

The Fiesta Bowl on Tuesday said in a press release that it had fired CEO John Junker after an investigation uncovered an “apparent scheme” to reimburse employees for improper campaign contributions.

An independent Special Committee of the Board of Directors found the following:

-- The scheme to reimburse at least $46,539 in improper campaign contributions.
-- A cover-up to keep it all secret from the bowl’s Board of Directors and state officials.
-- Excessive compensation, and inappropriate expenditures and gifts.

The press release said the Board of Directors voted unanimously to fire Junker for his role in the activities. According to the release, Junker was placed on administrative leave in February to failing to fully cooperate with the investigation.

Here is the entire 276-page report.

Here is the press release from the Fiesta Bowl.

The other interesting aspect is what happens to the Fiesta Bowl when its contract is up with the BCS? The BCS released a statement on Tuesday after the Fiesta Bowl revealed its findings. In the statement, the BCS asked the Fiesta Bowl to "demonstrate" why it should remain a BCS bowl.

The BCS could certainly pick another bowl to replace the Fiesta Bowl in its rotation. One bowl that comes to mind is the Cotton Bowl, which has plenty of tradition and now has a home in the Dallas Cowboys’ magnificent new stadium.

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