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Former Hofstra football coach says he has job offers

Dave Cohen was hired as Hofstra's head football

Dave Cohen was hired as Hofstra's head football coach in 2006 and compiled an 18-27 record in four seasons. Credit: Newsday / Ana P. Gutierrez

While he tries to find new schools for his displaced players, Hofstra football coach Dave Cohen also is trying to find a job for himself.

Cohen said Monday that he has received offers from Western Michigan and Georgia Southern and, if an opening develops, Bowling Green. Cohen, 43, has a year left on his contract at Hofstra, which dropped its football program Dec. 3.

Bowling Green is coached by Dave Clawson, a longtime friend of Cohen's and his former mentor at Fordham. Clawson said an offer would depend upon changes, if any, on his current staff.

Cohen is not sure which direction to take, saying, "I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm just sitting on [the offers] right now.''

He again expressed regret over having to leave Long Island. He lives in Commack with his wife, Denise, and two young sons. When asked about his wife's preference in jobs, Cohen said, "She wants Hofstra to bring back football.''

Cohen said he was offered the Bowling Green job during spring football last April. Clawson confirmed that Monday. Cohen said an unspecified member of the Hofstra administration told him at the time that his football job was safe.

"I said, 'I have job opportunities. Should I be looking at these?' '' Cohen said. "I was told, 'No, not unless you don't want to be the head coach at Hofstra.' ''

In announcing the cessation of football, Hofstra president Stuart Rabinowitz said the university had conducted a two-year study of the entire athletic program.

"A two-year study means this just didn't come out of nowhere,'' Cohen said. "There's no way you go from 63 scholarships to the death penalty without researching things with people. There's got to be an in-between stage. There's got to be consideration.''

Notes & quotes: Cohen said sophomore defensive lineman Ronnie Cameron (Holy Trinity) will transfer to Old Dominion. Sophomore offensive lineman Anthony Dima (Centereach) said he intends to sign with Massachusetts.

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