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Iowa State's win opens door for SEC

So how exactly does Iowa State’s 37-31 win over Oklahoma State throw a huge monkey wrench into the BCS?

First, it cuts the number on undefeated teams in FBS to two. LSU (10-0) is still unblemished, while Houston (10-0) is the other undefeated team. We’ll leave Houston out of this conversation, because they have no shot at vaulting up to No.2.

Second, the Cowboys loss assures No.3 Alabama and No.4 Oregon that they will move up at least one spot. This also will move the Sooners and Arkansas up at least one place. This is assuming all of these teams win this weekend.

Third, this is bad for Oklahoma. Even if the Sooners blow Oklahoma State out on December 3, it won’t likely be enough to lift them into the No.2 spot. You can probably still hear the collective sigh in Norman.

Finally, it further enhances Campus Confidential’s theory of three SEC teams making a BCS Bowl. Just to clarify things, only two teams from one conference can get an at-large bid to the BCS. But there is a scenario where three teams from a conference can play in a BCS Bowl.

Just to confirm this, we contacted the BCS committee for an answer. We were told that if the top two teams in the final BCS standings are not conference champions, then a third team from that conference can earn an at-large bid. A special thanks to Bill Hancock of the BCS for the answer.

In other words, let’s say LSU loses in the SEC championship game to Georgia, but only drops to No.2 and Alabama moves up to No.1. Both of those teams are guaranteed a slot in the national championship game. Georgia, by virtue of its win over LSU in the SEC title game gets an automatic bid to a BCS bowl.

That makes three SEC teams in the BCS. And don’t think that can’t happen. That is the one scenario where a third team from one conference can make a BCS Bowl game.

Making matters even more crazy, No.6 Arkansas is at LSU the final game of the regular season. Even if the Razorbacks lose, they may not drop more than two or three places, which means the SEC could have four teams in the top 10 of the BCS.

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