The finish was furious for the Stony Brook men's lacrosse team. Trailing Towson by four goals with just over five minutes left, the Seawolves had moved within one, and now they were crashing the cage in an attempt to tie it in the final seconds.

Stony Brook attack Nick Watson fired a shot that squirted under goalie Andrew Wascavage, but according to the officials, it did not entirely go over the goal line. Time ran out and visiting Towson had a 10-9 victory. The Stony Brook players and coach Jim Nagle questioned the officials, but the ruling stood.

"I thought it went in,'' Watson said. "When I shot it, I saw it cross the line. The ref didn't obviously see that.''

Said Nagle, "It looked like it went in to me. I think once they made the call, they made it, so whatever. I think the whole thing was across the line, from my perspective. That's what it looked like.''

Stony Brook attack Mike Andreassi also thought it was a goal, saying, "I saw the ball cross the line. Once the refs make up their mind, they're not going to change it.''

The officials would not comment directly but sent word from their dressing room that, according to the rule, the entire ball has to cross the line and did not. According to Section 8 of the NCAA rulebook, a goal is scored when "a loose ball passes from the front, completely through the imaginary plane formed by the rear edges of the goal line, the goal posts and the crossbar of the goal, regardless of who supplied the impetus.''

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Wascavage thought he stopped the ball. "After the shot, it hit me underneath my leg and I fell down just to try and sit on it,'' he said. "I looked behind me and the ball was sitting right barely touching the line. I grabbed it with my left hand and threw it out, and the clock was over. I had no idea what [the officials] were going to say. To me, I could tell the ball wasn't in. I heard the ref as soon as I picked it up and threw it, he said, 'No goal, no goal, no goal.' I was happy.'' But Wascavage then added, "Maybe he [the official] didn't see it. I didn't really get a full look at it either, so just getting it out quick helped a lot. That's as close as it's ever been. Too close.''

Towson coach Shawn Nadelen said he did not see the last play. "I'm glad the clock hit zero and the ball wasn't behind the goal line,'' he said. "Thank St. Patrick for giving us a little bit of luck there. I'm just glad the refs were waving their arms, time was up, they said we won.''

Mike Rooney had three goals and Matt Bellando and Jeff Tundo added two each for Stony Brook (1-5).

Andrew Hodgson (West Islip), Carl Iacona (Massapequa) and Matt Hughes each had two goals for Towson.