An interesting press conference late yesterday in Los Angeles to introduce Lane Kiffin as USC's new head coach.

As we've written here, Kiffin has a strong history at USC. Kiffin was an assistant under Pete Carroll from 2001-2006, serving his last two seasons as offensive coordinator and lead recruiter.

Kiffin discussed yesterday how Carroll had prepared him for this moment.

Kiffin also had an unforgettable stint as the Oakland Raiders' head coach, going 5-15 in less than two season. So Kiffin clearly has a history in California.

His abrupt decision to leave Tennessee has the entire state in an uproar. Plus, as you'll see below, the end of yesterday's press conference got very interesting.

"Really, as we looked at this, it was a very difficult decision," Kiffin said to open the press conference. "One that was not easy for us. We thought a lot about it. But as we looked at being where we were at, it was a very special place we were. We're very grateful to all the people that we met there. Great relationships, especially to the athletic director, Mike Hamilton, for the opportunity he gave us.

"But it became very obvious when we had the chance to come back here, we were coming back home to the greatest job in America."

Kiffin added, "Our number one thing that we're going to do is have a dedication to run an extremely clean, disciplined program. And that will start from today, and we'll continue that through the whole time we're here."

Kiffin also said the staff he puts together at USC will be the best in the country. Father Monte Kiffin, who will run USC's defense, and Ed Orgeron, who was an assistant head coach and lead recruiter at Tennessee, will be joining the staff. Both were present at yesterday's press conference.

Near the end of the press conference Kiffin was asked about running "an extremely clean, disciplined program." Reports have Orgeron calling Tennessee recruits, telling them not to attend to class and that they should come to USC. Tennessee had a number of early enrollees set to begin school on Wednesday.

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There was a back and forth exchange between Kiffin and the reporter who had asked a question about it. Kiffin's main comment was:

"I believe that to be inaccurate what you just said; okay," Kiffin said. "That Coach Orgeron called Tennessee recruits and talked them into leaving and also not enroll for class. I believe that to be inaccurate. I have no information telling me that's happened.

"I have had a conversation that I don't believe that has happened. And I'm going to go continue to try to figure it out. But like I said, I just landed off a plane, came here to have this press conference."

Other quick-hitters from the press conference:

On UCLA's (and former USC offensive coordinator under Carroll) Norm Chow, who is rumored to be joining Kiffin's staff as offensive coordinator:

"Yeah, as I said before, this staff's going to take time. We're going to put together a great staff. Out of respect to other universities and other NFL teams, I'm not giving any specifics about the search, who we're hiring. We have two coaches that we brought with us, and we're going to take our time figuring the rest out."

"I've seen Norm a couple of times. We played each other a couple of times, once in the preseason and once in the regular season maybe I bumped into him a couple of times. I think the world of Norm. And I don't have any issues with Norm."

On whether possible sanctions by the NCAA will impact his recruiting at USC:

"Well, I think through my conversations I've had with people here prior to taking the job and people that have been here, I feel he very confident that it will not affect us in recruiting, and it will get resolved and we'll move forward."

On the uproar at Tennessee and angry scene on campus after Kiffin announced he was leaving:

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"Yeah. I think, first, as you go back to being at Tennessee, it is a very, very passionate place. The fan base and students are extremely passionate about sports. Especially about football.

"As I look at the reaction of what happened last night, I really thought to myself. I said, you know what, they're upset that we're leaving because of what we've been doing. If they weren't upset that we were leaving, then we weren't doing anything right.

"So the fact that there were a number of people upset there, because we had done so much in so little of a time. They saw where it was going. They saw the direction. It was so much excitement there, it was hard on them. And it was a hard decision for us.

"As I said yesterday, I don't think there was another job I would have left for, but this is home. All three of the kids were born here. My wife loves it here. We've spent 10 of the last 11 years in California. So it became a lot easier at that point."