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LI soccer women who played at Fairfield have big Twitter following

Fairfield soccer players Shannon Fay of Sayville, left,

Fairfield soccer players Shannon Fay of Sayville, left, Carly Beyar of South Hempstead and Alanna Locast of Wantagh have seen their twitter handle (@SoccerGrlProbs) gain popularity since its start-up in 2011. It boasts more than 180,000 followers.

With soccer training, comes complaining.

And no gripes can match the sometimes sarcastic, often funny @SoccerGrlProbs Twitter grievances of three college players from Long Island.

From finding the humor in calves being too muscular to fit into boots to the funny realization that "You know you have never played a sport involving your hands when it's easier to chest a fruit thrown at you than catch it," the trio stumbled upon a unique way of connecting with thousands.

Shannon Fay, Carly Beyar and Alanna Locast, who all played for Fairfield University, have become Twitter-famous after creating the handle in 2011 and seeing its popularity quickly soar.

The account boasts nearly 185,000 followers, which includes several professional athletes and thousands of female soccer players across the country who relate to the tweets, photos and videos.

"It amazes us," said senior Beyar, who's from South Hempstead and graduated from South Side. "I think these girls look at what we're saying and just think, 'Wow, this happens to me all the time.' And that's what's so cool about it. It creates a bond between the girls and the soccer community. And since we over-exaggerate in the humor, that's what really gets people. It provides an outlet to laugh at something we may be all struggling with."

The three said they started the account with only the simple intention of having fun among themselves during preseason, complaining about being sore and tired. After tweeting for one week, the following grew to 100 and "it suddenly got so big after a lot of retweets from the soccer community that we couldn't even keep track of who is following us," Beyar said.

They capitalized by tweeting during high-profile soccer matches and also by relating soccer to major pop-culture events. For example, during Super Bowl XLVII's halftime show, @SoccerGrlProbs tweeted about Beyoncé having "soccer legs."

"I think we sometimes forget how crazy it is until we meet someone new and they're excited to meet us," said senior Shannon Fay, who is from Sayville and graduated from St. John the Baptist. "Then we realize again how big it's got. Every day it's exciting to be a part of, knowing we have a voice influencing younger soccer players. It's crazy to see professional athletes tweet us. That's also part of the shock factor."

Grad student Alanna Locast of Wantagh and Seaford High School believes the popularity has a lot to do with the three girls' different personalities.

"It's so easy to tell who tweeted what that it's so funny," she said. "Grammatically, sentence structure-wise and different senses of humors make it easy. Carly is very dry and clever, Shannon is so blunt and I'm very calculated."

The group isn't exactly constrained to the 140 character per message allowed by Twitter. They've also used their impressive social media presence to peddle gear and apparel on their site,

After school, the trio expects to extend their entrepreneurism through social media even further.

"We want to continue to make this even bigger because it's something that we all enjoy and have a passion for," said Beyar, who added all three are trying to be involved in business programs with the hope of finding new ways to expand the brand they created. "If we could do this as part of our living going further, we might as well try. We're not sure where it will go, but we want to keep branching out. We have so many creative ideas, it's just hard to get together sometimes."

For Beyar, Fay and Locast, that's a soccer girl problem they can't complain too much about.

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