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New BCS director: All is well

New BCS executive director Bill Hancock spoke to reporters earlier today at the Football Writers Association of America awards breakfast in Newport Beach, Calif., and defended the current system for crowning a national champion.

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According to the AP story, Hancock told reporters that a college football playoff would lead to more injuries, interrupt final exams, damage the current bowl system, and impact the importance of the regular season.

Of course, the lower divisions in college football already have successful playoff systems in place. Hancock doesn't disagree with that success, but says the attendance for those games is low.

Hancock also said there is no plan to add a fifth bowl to the BCS. That seems strange considering the Cotton Bowl, which would very much like to be a part of the BCS, has moved into the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium.

With new four-year contracts in place with ESPN and the four BCS bowls, there likely won't be any change to the current format, even with Congress holding hearings.

But some potential changes need to be examined:

-- The Mountain West Conference -- with TCU, BYU and Utah as national heavyweights -- is not among the six power conferences that receive automatic bids. Same goes for the WAC, where Boise State continues to produce championship-caliber seasons.

Boise State finished the season at 14-0 after beating TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. But the Broncos will not win a national championship this season since No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Texas are playing for the title at the Rose Bowl. Also, five teams finished unbeaten in the regular season -- Alabama, Texas, Boise State, Cincinnati and TCU.

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