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No. 1 LSU vs. No. 2 Alabama: The defensive numbers

No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama have some impressive numbers this season, particularly on defense. That makes perfect sense since the two best defenses in the nation will be on the same field in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night. Let’s take a look at some of the key defensive statistics:

Total defense
180.50 yards per game (No. 1 nationally)
LSU: 251.38 yards per game (No. 4 nationally)

Rushing yards allowed per game
Alabama: 44.88 yards per game (No. 1 nationally)
LSU: 76.63 yards per game (No. 3 nationally)

Passing yards allowed per game
Alabama: 135.63 yards per game (No. 2 nationally)
LSU: 174.75 yards per game (No. 10 nationally)

Scoring defense
Alabama: 6.88 points per game (No. 1 nationally)
LSU: 11.50 points per game (No. 3 nationally)

Passes intercepted
Alabama: 9 (37th nationally)
LSU: 11 (14th nationally)

Alabama: 17 (48th nationally)
LSU: 19 (34th nationally)

Fumbles gained
Alabama: 5 (77th nationally)
LSU: 7 (44th nationally)

Tackles for loss
Alabama: 7.63 per game (15th nationally)
LSU: 7.63 per game (15th nationally)

Red zone defense
Alabama: 9 drives, six scores (5 TDs, 1 FG) .67 pct. (5th nationally)
LSU: 16 drives, 15 scores (9 TDs, 6 FGs) .94 pct. (117th nationally)

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