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Penn State alums react to scandal story

Kareem McKenzie

Kareem McKenzie compiled the reactions of several players from around the league who played college football for Joe Paterno at Penn State University.

Among the players that pulled quotes from were the Cowboys' Sean Lee, the Bears' Anthony Adams, the Seahawks' Michael Robinson and Deon Butler, the Giants' Kareem McKenzie, and the Bears' Robbie Gould.

You can read the reactions from's article by clicking here.

Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin, another former Nittany Lion, reacted to the news earlier this week. Roderick Boone wrote this story on what Maybin said. Here are Maybin's soundbites from the article, which printed Tuesday, November 8:

"It's very unfortunate. Obviously, I wasn't a player under coach Sandusky, but with me being there for the amount of time that I was [2007-08], I was able to know him and a bunch of the other guys that are involved in the investigation. Nobody really knows how it's going to play out and what's true, but it's unfortunate. I'm praying for the families of those affected, and hopefully it sorts itself out.

"In order for me to have feelings on that, I would have to know a lot more what the situation is. Obviously, when you have a subject that's so sensitive, you really have to watch what you say, because at this point, there are eight families that have been affected and you definitely don't want to step on anybody's toes.''

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