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A 16-team playoff in the NFL?

File photo of Giants owner John Mara.

File photo of Giants owner John Mara. Credit: Howard Schnapp

The idea of adding more teams to the playoffs from the current 12 (six per conference) has been floated every now and then, but there are no immediate plans for increasing the playoff field. 

Giants president and co-owner John Mara, a member of the NFL’s competition committee, said he doesn’t expect an increase. 

“It has not been discussed for some time by our committee, and I do not think it is likely,” he said. 

To which we say: good. The playoff formula is as close to perfection as you can get in the NFL, and watering down the field – not to mention increasing the likelihood that teams with losing records would get in on a fairly regular basis – isn’t the way to go. 

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