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Actually, Russell Wilson has been to a Super Bowl before

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks during a

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks during a news conference in Renton, Wash. (Jan. 23, 2014) Credit: AP

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seahawks may be the first team since the 1990 Buffalo Bills to go to a Super Bowl without an active player who had played in the game previously. But Russell Wilson made sure to make mention of the fact that he’s actually been to a Super Bowl before.

In fact, he went last year to the game in New Orleans between the Ravens and the 49ers. He wanted to get “a feel for” the NFL’s biggest stage, see just how bright the lights can get, and take a few mental notes just in case he and the Seahawks would make it to the game this season.

“And sure enough,” he said, “we are.”

So what did Wilson learn from his observations?

“One of the biggest things as a player and as a quarterback, you have to understand the difference in time,” he said. “In terms of the week of preparation and also the game. The game, you have all the warm-ups like you normally do but then you have people singing and all that kind of stuff. It takes an extra 25 or 30 minutes sometimes. That’s the great part about it, that’s the emotional part about it all. But you have to understand not getting warmed up too early, not getting too fired up or amped up too early and all that. And then you also think about halftime, a 35 or 45 minute halftime.”

"Plus,” Wilson said, “last year with the whole lights going out too as well.”

Once the game starts, though, Wilson said it’s just football.

"We’re gonna be us,” he said. “We’re not gonna change. At the end of the day with all the cameras and all the lights and all that, it’s no different. It really isn’t. The whistle is still going to blow, it’s still going to be first, second, and third down, it’s still going to be the game on the line, and we’re looking forward to those moments."

Besides, Wilson said, the Seahawks’ inexperience in Super Bowls just shows how good they are at such an early point in their development as a team.

“We want to win a lot of Super Bowls,” he said, “and to do that you have to win the first one.”

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