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America's pets rooting for the Saints?

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy reacts to a two-point

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy reacts to a two-point conversion against Alabama during the BCS National Championship game. (Jan. 7, 2010) Photo Credit: MCT/Michael Ainsworth

One of the more interesting aspects of the Super Bowl is how everyone wants a piece of the attention. So we in the media get tons of emails about everything from making the perfect cheese appetizers for the big game to the latest over/under on number of times a defibrilator will have to come on stage during The Who's halftime show.

But this one caught my attention. It's from the people at Veternary Pet Insurance, who looked at their database of over 475,000 insured pets to determine which team's fans name their pets after their favorite players more often. A quote from the press release:

"Whether it’s 'Peyton Manning' the cockatiel or a beagle named 'Sean Payton,' the numbers reveal Colts and Saints fans to be nearly equal in their devotion to their favorite team."

As for the actual results, they are as follows:

43 pets are named Colt or Colts; 13 are named Saint or Saints.

106 pets are named Peyton or Manning or Peyton Manning; 32 are named Drew or Brees or Drew Brees.

57 pets are named Clark or Freeney; only 1 is named Reggie Bush.

As for former stars, there are no pets named Dickerson but 22 of them named Campbell or Archie Manning.

9 are named Dungy or Mora while a whopping 140 are named Payton or Ditka.

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Overall the stats from VPI suggest that Saints fans have named their pets after their favorite team/player by a margin of 230-227 over Colts fans. But I'm not buying it. First of all, I'm sure a lot of those who named their pet Ditka are from Chicago. Second of all, the calculations include the name Gumbo as a Saints name because of a team mascot. Gumbo seems like a perfectly fine name without a Saints reference, and it's used 20 times. Plus, how many of those who named their pet Payton are counted in the Saints column when they are just misspelling Peyton?

Since 106 pets are named either Peyton or Manning or Peyton Manning, I'd say the edge goes to the Colts. Especially since a Colt itself is an animal.

Although, some of the 43 who named their pets Colt or Colts could be from Texas and naming them after Longhorns QB Colt McCoy (pictured).

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