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Another QB for Elway's Broncos?

Super Bowls won: Super Bowl XXXII, XXXIII John

Super Bowls won: Super Bowl XXXII, XXXIII
John Elway lost the first three Super Bowls he played in, but he ended his career with the Denver Broncos with back-to-back Lombardi trophies. In XXXIII, Elway won the MVP after throwing for 336 yards, a touchdown and an interception as the Broncos beat the Falcons, 34-19. Credit: AP

Now that former Broncos quarterback John Elway is in charge of football operations in Denver, the question begs: What will he do with the No. 2 overall pick in next month's draft? 

He's not giving the answer, but he's also not completely discounting the possibility of drafting a quarterback. Even after the team selected Tim Tebow in the first round of last year's draft.

"This group [of draft-eligible quarterbacks] is very talented," Elway said at the NFL owners' meetings in New Orleans, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post. "It's very rare that you have three guys who are at least 6-4, 230 and run a 4.6."

Elway was referring to Auburn's Cam Newton, Missouri's Blaine Gabbert and Nevada's Colin Kaepernick. They all have caught Elway's eye; no wonder, Elway himself was an athletic quarterback when he came out of Stanford in 1983. 

"I think sometimes your eyes migrate to the style you played," Elway said. "You don't have to be that way. You look at Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the success they've had. But I think it's getting harder and harder to play that position and not have mobility."

Four of the five top teams in the draft have quarterback needs: Carolina at No. 1, Buffalo at No. 3, Cincinnati at No. 4 if the Bengals trade Carson Palmer, and Arizona at No. 5. The 49ers at no. 7 are also in the market for a quarterback, as are the Titans at No. 8 and the Redskins at No. 10. 

The Broncos, at No. 2, may be in the market, too. 

"We're always looking for that guy," Elway said about a franchise QB of the future. "We may already have the guy who can pull the trigger and win us a championship someday. We may have him. We don't know. We believe in Tim but he's not there." 

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