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Another report says Revis close to a new deal

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Credit: Joe Epstein

Another day, another report that Darrelle Revis is about to sign a contract with the Jets and end his holdout.

This one comes from KDKA TV sports reporter Bob Pompeani in Pittsburgh, which is near Revis' hometown of Alaquippa, Pa.

On Pompeani's Twitter account, he writes: "revis getting closer to accepting a record deal from people in the county say it could be a 10 yr deal 150mill 65 gauranteed!!!"

Hopefully Pompeani's information is better than his spelling. (Yes, he did spell guaranteed "gauranteed.") 

It's yet another report from outside the Jets' building that suggets Revis is close to a deal. But I continue to hear that there has been very little progress on a contract. Sure, things can change on a dime in negotiations, and that's always possible in the Revis situation.

But I was assured this week that "Wednesday would come and go" without a contract. So we've got about 12 1/2 hours to go to see if that's the case. I've also been told by a source familiar with the Revis situation that the Jets are not budging as of now with their offer of 10 years, $122 million. Therefore, I'd be surprised if the deal — at least as of now — turns out to be worth $15 million per season. With the Jets offering $12.2 million per and the Revis camp demanding $16.2 per, that's not exactly splitting the difference.

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