Bart Scott knows what it is to feel the exhilaration of getting this far in the playoffs, only to suffer the devastation of losing in the AFC Championship Game. Scott's Ravens earned a matchup with the Steelers in last year's conference title game but were beaten. Like this year's Jets, who have a rookie quarterback in Mark Sanchez, the Ravens featured rookie passer Joe Flacco.

It was the closest Scott has gotten to the Super Bowl, and thefeeling of disappointment about not reaching the ultimate goal was awful.
Last year's script was stunningly similar to this year's. The Ravens beat the heavily favored Titans on the road to earn a trip to the AFC Championship Game. Then they lost in Pittsburgh.
"I've been to this point last year when we shocked Tennessee on the road and came back and lost a heartbreaker," he said. "We're playing maybe the best quarterback to ever play in this league. Peyton understands. He'll break down our schemes, and we've got our work cut out. But this is about beating the Colts, not just getting to this point. This is about seizing the moment."
Scott knows how seldom these opportunities come along. Just ask Dan Marino, the Dolphins' Hall of Fame quarterback. I'll never forget Marino telling me how mortified he was late in his career at never having won a championship, and how naive he was in his second season when he got to the Super Bowl, only to lose to the 49ers.
"I thought it would always be easy," Marino said. "Here I am in my second year, and I thought, 'This is gonna happen every year.' "
Marino never went to the Super Bowl again.