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Bill Belichick plans to make adjustments

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick speaks

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick speaks to reporters. Belichick broke his silence four weeks after former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder. Belichick says the Patriots will learn from "this terrible experience," and that it's time for New England to "move forward." Credit: AP

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - The Patriots are 20-9, including playoffs, against the Jets under Bill Belichick, and have won the last five meetings. But did you expect the famously close-mouthed coach to predict the streak would reach six Sunday?

The Patriots beat the Jets, 13-10, in Week 2, but Belichick expects to see new wrinkles from his AFC East rivals in the rematch at MetLife Stadium.

"They're very much a game- plan team,'' he said Tuesday on a conference call, "so what you see one week, you may or may not see the following week. So we're going to have to prepare for a lot of different things.''

Belichick said the familiarity created by two divisional matchups a season leads to scheming often not done for other games. Coaching staffs often wander from a traditional game plan because they know the opponent's tendencies so well.

Belichick likened divisional play to conference play in basketball, where results can differ dramatically from game to game. So he knows he must adjust to what the Jets did well Sept. 19, when Tom Brady struggled and the Patriots had more punts (11) than first downs (9).

"It will be a big challenge for us this week to go back and really be as thorough as we need to be, and should be, and not make any assumptions about what things were like a month ago,'' Belichick said, "because I think they definitely have changed.''

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