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Brett Favre's ankle still hurts

Brett Favre celebrates on the Vikings sideline. (File

Brett Favre celebrates on the Vikings sideline. (File photo, 2009) Credit: AP

Just as death and the taxman are two of the surest things in life, so is Brett Favre and the continuing freakshow circus surrounding whether or not he wants to play another season of football.

Favre suffered a pretty bad ankle injury during the Vikings implosion against the Saints during the NFC Championship Game last season, and it was said to be serious enough where he might not recover. Well sports fans, we might have a tenative answer to Favreapalooza this morning. He has starting texting members of the Minny Vikings Organization that he plans to not play in 2010 per  the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I'd put the link in, but their Web site appears to have crashed.

UPDATE: Here's the link

Perhaps he didn't want to be the first NFL playing Grandfather, or maybe he was sick of his own antics, but take this all with a grain of salt. The dude isn't retired until he's drinking a beer in Hattiesburg on the first day of the season. 

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