Raiders coach Tom Cable is ready to move on from the failed JaMarcus Russell era. In an interview on the Murph and Mac show on KNBR in San Francisco — courtesy of — Cable said he hasn’t had to do much convincing with his team to get the message out that the team has put Russell (pictured) in the rearview mirror.

“We did what’s best for our football team,” Cable said. “That’s all that really matters here. Why or why not or this or that doesn’t really matter any more. What matters is that we move forward as a football team and that we do what we need to do to succeed. They’ve accepted it (Russell’s release) fine. We really haven’t put a lot into it or talked a lot about it. It’s not necessary.”

When asked whether he considered the idea of Russell competing with recently acquired Jason Campbell, Cable said: “We’re always about competition. Really, we’ve talked about JaMarcus. Let’s talk about something else. He’s not here any more. You can only beat a dead dog so many times, so let’s move forward. We’ve got a good young team.”

Interesting choice of words, but Cable makes his point. He’s tired of talking about Russell, and now it’s all about life without arguably the biggest bust in NFL history.

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Another topic he did address was the frequent speculation about his job security.

“I had met with Mr. [Al] Davis in January after the season. Like he said to me then, ‘You have a contract.’ I came to work everyday. I got ready for the Senior Bowl, got ready for the Combine, did all the normal things. Outside of this building, I guess there was a ton of speculation. But inside this building, it was never really an issue. We had talked about it within a week of the season being over and were moving forward… The whole time, his words to me were, ‘You’re my coach and you have a contract so, regardless of what everyone says or thinks or speculates, we’re moving forward.’ That’s what we’ve been doing.”