The Colts arrive in South Florida a little later today, but Jim Caldwell has already hit the airwaves (and the satellites) with some comments about the status of Dwight Freeney.

"His issue is that he has a third degree sprain and he's questionable at this point," Caldwell said in an interview on Sirius NFL Radio. "So he's working extremely hard at trying to get it back in shape. He's down in Miami ... He is certainly getting treatment and things of that nature. We have one of our guys down there with him from our staff and also he's working with some other folks as well."

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But while the Colts went to the extraordinary measure of sending Freeney down early and reportedly sticking him a hyperbaric chamber along with a slew of other treatments, Caldwell isn't counting out his defensive end for the big game. He seems to think he has history on his side.

"The thing about Dwight I'd like to say to you, I think you guys understand, is that there's been many weeks where he's had some situations that have looked like he would not be able to play but he's been able to battle through it and not only play, but play well," Caldwell said. "So he's a quick healer and we're praying for the same thing to happen this week as well."

Caldwell also said that a decision on Freeney's availability for the Super Bowl might go right up the time the guacamole comes out of the country's collective refrigerator.

"A guy like Dwight, he's been around the block a few times now," Caldwell said. "He knows our defense. He understands what we have to get done. He's been in the meetings and those kinds of things so he's up to date on what we have to do. He just hasn't done it from a physical standpoint. But, obviously, if he's able to go and capable of going, I mean, we'll wait until the last hour if need be and I think he'll be able to do his job and do it well."