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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says speculation about Jason Garrett is 'ridiculous'

Jason Garrett

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There has been plenty of speculation about Jason Garrett’s job security as head coach of the Cowboys, but the people who will decide Garrett’s fate don’t seem all that concerned.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, son of team owner Jerry Jones, said at practice today it’s “ridiculous” to wonder about whether Garrett is on the hot seta.

Asked if Garrett was coaching for his future, Jones replied, “I won’t even comment on that. Period. That’s ridiculous.”

And what about comments from former head coach Jimmy Johnson, who likened the Cowboys’ atmosphere to a “country club” during an interview this week?

“Don’t have one,” Johnson cracked, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He then asked, “Any serious questions?”

Jones then offered plenty of support for Garrett, whose Cowboys are 3-5 heading into Sunday’s game in Philadelphia against the Eagles.

“First of all, I think Jason is incredibly smart. No one understands the game more,” Jones said. “He grew up at a breakfast table knowing about the NFL. His father was a coach. His father was a scout. He understands the league. He is a great leader. He leads our team in a great way.

“I think he understands the game. He has been a very success offensive coordinator. He started having success immediately. It wasn’t like there was a huge learning curve for him as a play caller. We have had a lot of great offenses here under Jason. We are moving the ball good this year for the most part. We are ranked pretty high in offense. The players respect him. He demands accountability.”

Jones said the Cowboys need to cut down on turnovers; they have 19 so far, tied with the Eagles for the second most in the NFL.

“We have to do better there. I think we are improving,” Jones said. “We protected the ball against the Falcons. They are a good football team. We are doing some things to cause turnovers. We are tipping balls. They just didn’t come our way. We were hitting the quarterback hard. The ball was on the ground. We just didn’t recover it. 

“I do think this team is going in a good direction.”

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