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Cowher: Tough call on RGIII

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher looks on during

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher looks on during football action against the Baltimore Ravens in Pittsburgh. Credit: AP, 2006

While Redskins coach Mike Shanahan continues to be second-guessed for keeping quarterback Robert Griffin III in Sunday's game against the Seahawks after he injured his knee, former Steelers coach Bill Cowher suggested he may have handled things differently.

"You look at it and [Griffin] says he can go, but you watch him play and say 'I’ll show you tomorrow on tape,'" Cowher told Newsday's Neil Best at a CBS event promoting the network's coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII. "You may think you’re doing it, but you’re really not. You’re not in a position where you can protect yourself. These are calls you have to make, but it all starts with one decision, from the medical staff. Is this guy cleared to be able to play? And from there, you have to go to the player."

Does Griffin have to change his style of play because he puts himself at too great a risk by running so much?

"No, it’s always a fine line," Cowher said. "We said that about Michael Vick for the many years he’s played. How much you want to subject him to running as a ball carrier, and how much of that is improvisation?

"I think you have to be really careful how much you put in designed runs with him," Cowher said. "I think he’s too good of a player that his improvisation himself, he’s going to run four or five times a game. But he’s still a great quarterback, and the threat that he presents, that even if you make one running play that presence of what he can do makes the preparation that much more difficult for the opponent." 

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