In his first extensive public remarks since learning he would be suspended the first four games of the 2010 season for violating the NFL's steroids policy, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing denied he took any substance banned by the NFL. 

Cushing (pictured) confirmed that he tested positive for hCG, which is banned by the NFL because it is seen as a potential masking agent for steroids, but he said he didn't ingest or inject anything into his body.

"I appealed the decision and in that process presented significant medical and scientific data challenging the league's determination that the banned substance was present by ingestion or was not naturally occurring," Cushing said at a news conference in Houston. "I want to make it known that I did not inject or ingest any illegal substances that would enhance my performance. My only option was to appeal the decision."

Cushing said he doesn't know how the substance got into his body. "It's something I'm very concerned about," he said. "The fact that how it's there and what's going to determine it from happening again. That's going to be something that we're going to medically investigate."

Cushing, who was selected as the Associated Press NFL Rookie Defensive Player of the Year after the regular season, won the award on a re-vote after the AP decided to have its 50-member media panel weigh in after the suspension was announced. Cushing, who finished first on 39 ballots in the original vote, had 18 votes in this week's re-vote. He won by five votes over Bills safety Jairus Byrd.

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Cushing, who lost his appeal in February, said he won't take any further action against the league. "I have to respect the process of the NFL and what they're doing," he said.

Cushing said he was happy he retained the award on the re-vote.

"I know I didn't do anything," he said. "I earned that award. I did everything I could. I was disappointed with the re-vote, but you know, I have to respect the process."