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Didn't Brandon Marshall already take his talents to South Beach?

With the threat of a lockout looming in the 2011 season, new Miami wide receiver Brandon Marshall is making alternate plans for next year.

He'll still be playing professional sports, he said, he'll just be on the hardcourt instead of a football field.

"I'm going to be on an NBA team. Seriously," he told ESPN's Adam Schefter Thursday evening in Davie, Fla., which is the site of Miami's training camp.

The 26-year old, two-time Pro Bowler played basketball at Lake Howell High in Florida and frequently attended Nuggets games while a member of the Broncos. So his first choice for a team would be Denver and his second his hometown Heat, where someone else you may have heard of just joined Marshall in the Miami scene of athletes.

"There's not going to be any football," said Marshall, who signed a four-year, $47.5 million extension after being traded from Denver to Miami in April. "If there's a lockout, I have to find a job. I figure the Nuggets will be a better choice because of the welcome home cheer I'll get — a couple of boos at first. I'm gonna get with a basketball coach and get to work, prepare for the lockout."

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano remains a skeptic.

Said the coach: "I've seen him jump — he's not playing basketball."

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