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Elmont’s Greg Senat intriguing to ESPN NFL Draft analyst Greg Cosell

Elmont's Greg Senat was an offensive lineman at

Elmont's Greg Senat was an offensive lineman at Wagner College. Credit: Wagner College

Greg Senat made the transition from basketball to football while playing both sports at Wagner. It may result in the Elmont product being drafted by an NFL team next weekend. At the very least he should be signed as a free agent by a team looking for depth on its offensive line.

But one draft analyst said that once Senat gets his chance in the league, his work will only be starting.

“The one thing that always intrigues me with offensive linemen is when they have a basketball background,” ESPN’s Greg Cosell said on a conference call this week. “What you see with [Senat] is a guy who needs to put on some weight. He has to bulk up a little bit because he doesn’t have the body type that you think of normally to play on the outside. He’s certainly got movement skills. With guys like that obviously they are later-round picks.”

Senat measured in at 6-6 and 302 pounds at the Combine in early March. He also had a good arm length of 34 7/8 inches, which hurt him when it came to the bench press (19 reps) but should further endear him to NFL scouts who are always looking to improve their stable of offensive linemen.

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that a lot of offensive linemen end up playing in this league due to injuries,” Cosell said. “Then they get a chance. We see that with a lot of teams, even good teams. Someone like Senat, to me, is a really intriguing prospect because of his basketball background and his movement skills. He’s got really good length. But he’s going to have to change his body a little bit and that can happen in an NFL weight room.”

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