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Elway: Tebow needs to throw better

Indianapolis - Ok, we're not breaking any ground here with John Elway, one of the NFL's all-time great quarterbacks, saying that Broncos QB Tim Tebow needs to improve his throwing in the years to come. 

But Elway, head of the Broncos' front office, wants to see his third-year quarterback take the next step in the passing game after leading Denver to the playoffs with his read-option offense. 

“I don’t know that you look at it as becoming more conventional," Elway said. "I think there are things that we have to get him to do within our offense to be more successful as an offense. Obviously, we look at what we did last year and Tim’s strengths are…there is no question he can run the football; he is a big guy and physical and he likes to run it…I think [Offensive Coordinator] Mike McCoy and the offensive staff did a tremendous job trying to play to Tim’s strengths.

"I think we will continue to do that but we also want to see strides in Tim and his ability to get better at throwing the football downfield from in the pocket," he said. "We just feel that’s something we have to do to get better as an offense—to be able to add that threat there, it makes everything else he does that much better.”

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