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Esiason: "Rodgers best in 30 years"

Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason can't tell you just how impressed he is over what Aaron Rodgers has done in the three years he has played since Brett Favre was traded.  

"He might be the best quarterback of the last 30 years, because he had to replace a legend," said Esiason, a WFAN radio co-host on the Boomer & Carton Show, as well as the CBS NFL analyst. "He replaced a guy who never missed a game for Green Bay, and he’s now throwing for 4,000 yards every year and made it to the Pro Bowl. I understand he didn’t make it [to the Pro Bowl] this year because everyone was fascinated with Michael Vick, but Aaron Rodgers plays the position 10 times better than Michael Vick ever thought about playing it. And you saw how badly Rodgers out-played Matt Ryan [last week], who also is going to the Pro Bowl. What we saw last week was special.

"I don't want to take anything away from what Vick did, because he had a great year and he's had a great comeback," Esiason said. "But strictly from a quarterback perspective, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen when Rodgers was playing last week. From his quick release to his quick feet and ability to read defenses, in my eyes, he's as fundamentally sound as any quarterback I've ever seen."

More gushing over Rodgers from Esiason: 

"Think of what he’s accomplished and think of that franchise he’s inherited," he said. "They’ve been trying to find a successor to Elway for years, Marino for years, Kelly for years. Even when Houston drafted McNair, he was never Warren Moon. That’s why I think Aaron Rodgers is great, but I also think that this kid now can be the quarterback for the next 10 years here."

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