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Fans applaud New York Super Bowl decision

Greg Iorio is happy about the Super Bowl

Greg Iorio is happy about the Super Bowl coming to New York, but hopes the Giants are one of the two teams playing in the game. (May 25, 2010) Credit: Newsday/Chris Mascaro

Greg Rosenstein of Commack: It'd be great. I don't think [the weather] would make much difference to the professionals. I would think there'd be plenty of excitement for it.

Greg Iorio of West Islip:

It's really coming to New Jersey anyway, it's not going to be in New York. All I know is the Giants better be in it.

Jessica DiGrazia of Bay Shore:

I want it to be in New York because everyone has a chance to see it. Rain or shine, everyone is gonna be there. We're New Yorkers.

Chris Gutierrez of Brentwood:

It's going to generate a lot of business and really help the economy in New York. And it's supposed to be played in cold weather; it's football.

Anthony Vanchieri of Maryland (working temporarily in Bay Shore):

I'm tired of seeing the Super Bowl in Arizona and Florida. New York's the capital of America. I would come up [from Maryland] to see it. It's worth the three-hour drive.

Sanobar Baloch of Islip:

2014? We're all dying in 2012, bro. It should be a year from now.

Ronny Mejia of Bay Shore:

It's the best thing that could happen. It'd be crazy. It would be real cool.

Isaiah Richardson of Brentwood:

For New York, it's great. It would worsen the traffic, but it'd be great.

Shaun Manusama of Massapequa:

It's great for New York. Even with the cold weather, true football fans will stay and watch it.

Rob Noto of Patchogue:

I think it's consistent with what the NFL's been trying to do. They think outside the box. A Super Bowl here would be great for the league.

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