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Favre decides to pass on retirement and rejoin Vikings

Two weeks after indicating he was ready to retire, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is apparently ready to unretire.


For the third year in a row, the future Hall of Fame quarterback has decided to keep playing after previously saying he was ready to leave the NFL. Favre, 40, is reportedly on his way from his home in Mississippi to Minnesota, and is scheduled to arrive later Tuesday to rejoin the Vikings.

Favre's official website,, offered hints Tuesday that fans should stay tuned for breaking news. The website eventually crashed because of heavy demand from readers.

Earlier in the day, three veteran Vikings players, guard Steve Hutchinson, defensive end Jared Allen and kicker Ryan Longwell, went to Mississippi to try and convince Favre to return.'s Jay Glazer reported that the three were successful in luring Favre back.

Vikings coach Brad Childress oversaw Tuesday's practice, and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell tried to avoid questions about the missing three players.

"I know that there's probably going to be some questions about what transpired since we've been out here at practice,'' Bevell said. "I won't be able to shed much light on it since we were out here. I know that there were some guys that were missing and I was told by the head coach that they were inside and that's what he told me.''

Bevell said he talked to Favre, who underwent offseason ankle surgery, before the Vikings opened the preseason at St. Louis and texted him after the game to see if he watched.

"It depends on the day, to be honest with you,'' Bevell said when asked if he knew which way Favre was leaning. It's a tough decision. He's really wrestling with it. The things I've said all along, he really loves this team. He feels like he can help the team, he can still play. But he's getting ready to be 41 years old. I know [of] the ankle and those things. There's a huge wrestling going on in his mind.''

Apparently, the wrestling match was won by the side of Favre who now appears ready to suit up for a 20th NFL season.

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