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Favre says ankle surgery wouldn't imperil 2010 season

Plenty of buzz today about quarterback Brett Favre in the wake of an ESPN report that he might require ankle surgery that could imperil his availability for the 2010 season.

Favre took to the Internet on his own website,, to amplify on the situation. And from the sound of things, Favre doesn't sound worried in the least about his situation, even if it does require surgery.

"I want to add to the information provided in the article that was published this morning on ESPN's website," Favre wrote. "Given the reaction to the article, and the typical conclusion jumping, I thought I'd clarify a few things.

"While my ankle has been bothering me, the injury is not debilitating. For example, I'm able to work around my property without any problems. Sure -- certain exercises cause some ankle pain, but it's nothing that I haven't experienced (or played with) before. In fact, many people don't realize that I injured my ankle before the NFC Championship game. I've had surgery on this ankle twice before, and I've played with the pain before. The hits I took throughout the 2009 season, including the Saints game, just added to the ankle pain and likely caused some bone spurs."

If there is surgery, Favre wrote, it wouldn't preclude him from playing next season.

"I don't believe major surgery on the ankle would be required for me to return in 2010," Favre wrote. "I've consulted with Dr. Andrews on the phone, and a relatively minor procedure could be done to improve the dexterity of the ankle, and to relieve the pain. I've put up with pain worse than this in my career, and I didn't want anyone to assume that the possibility of surgery was the sole factor that would determine whether I return or not. Some people reacting to the ESPN story have made this assumption. I don't blame them for doing so, given that the term 'surgery' often covers a variety of procedures, some more complex than others."

Favre added that the ankle is one of several factors weighing into his decision to play next season.

"The ankle pain is a factor, but one of many factors that I'll need to consider in making my decision," Favre wrote. "Other factors include the input of my family, and the wonderful experience that I had last year with the Vikings."

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