Yes I realize I'm feeding the beast by writing this, or even thinking about it. Anywho, it seems that everyone's favorite Ex- Falcon-Packer-Jet will be playing in 2010.


There has been no official announcement yet, and it appears that Brett Favre will need surgery on the ankle he messed up last season. But members of the Vikings are preparing for Farvefest II: The Revenge. Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson are going about business as usual, preparing for the season as if each of them would have a shot at the starting job, but Rosenfels told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he has a feeling he knows what's up.

"I'm not going to share it," Jackson told the Star Tribune. "But I think everybody has their feeling. And I think everybody is pretty much on the same page."

Touche, sir.

However, Peter King reported earlier this month that he doesn't think Farve will return to football, because Favre allegedly told another NFL quarterback after the Vikings playoff implosion last year that "he would never put pads on again."

So nobody really knows what will happen. Personally I think the man's ego won't rest until he delivers a title to the Packers' NFC north rivals. It would be nice if he'd take into consideration the wise words of Stinger from "Top Gun."

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"Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash."

And with that, I'm done feeding the beast for the day.