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Frank Reich: from comeback quarterback to quarterbacks coach

Until this year, Jim Caldwell served as Peyton Manning’s quarterbacks coach. His new replacement: former Bills backup quarterback Frank Reich.

Reich is best remembered for producing the greatest comeback in NFL history, rallying the Bills from a 35-3 second-half deficit to beat the Oilers, 41-38 on Jan. 3, 1993.

“It’s been a great journey,” Reich said. “When I decided to get back into football, the first call I made was to [Colts president and GM] Bill Polian and thankfully he just opened the door. He said, ‘Tell me how I can help you.’ I said, ‘If something comes up …’”

Reich started off as a coaching intern, and when Caldwell took over as head coach, he was tabbed to become Manning’s position coach.

Manning loves having Reich as his mentor.

“Frank has got a lot of football knowledge,” Manning said. “Serving as kind of a mentor-type coach, if you will, to Jim Kelly throughout the majority of his career. Then when being called upon to play, going in, leading one of the greatest comebacks of all time. I really think at this point in my career, being a veteran I like having somebody that has played longer than me, who has actually played the game and knows what is going on.”

More Manning on Reich: "I think he has used this year to feel his way out as a coach and there is a difference between being a coach and a player. I think our relationship has grown throughout the year. He is a tireless worker. He is a grinder. He is a guy that is going to be over there late at night. He and I text each other all the time, ‘Hey check out the Buffalo game, play number 40. That is a look we might see.’ I like that. I like a guy that is constantly got football on his mind and thinking about helping me. I am grateful for that kind of effort. I lean on Frank. I ask him a lot of questions and he is very comforting to me.”

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