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Gailey: Bills will study Newton

Indianapolis - With the Bills in need of a long-term solution at quarterback, head coach Chan Gailey will be taking a close look at Auburn's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Cam Newton in this weekend's NFL Scouting Combine. 

"I’m anxious to see him to continue to work out," said Gailey, who has the third overall pick behind Carolina and Denver. "I’m anxious to see what he’s going to do here this week. He obviously had a great year. I watched him several times on TV. I have not studied him to this point yet. I’ve looked at a little bit of tape, but have not studied him. He’s a big athlete that is in that Wildcat mode, but obviously has the ability maybe to go to a drop-back passer mode."

Gailey acknowledges, however, that there are challenges to selecting a quarterback who has hadonly one full season as a starter. 

"Experience always helps. I don’t care if you’re in your position out there, if you’re in my position up here or if you’re a player, experience helps," Gailey said. "The more times that you have played in big situations, in front of big crowds and in big games it helps you. I don’t think developing the one-year guy is as big as developing the guy that has not been in a typical pro-style type of offense. I think when you’re trying to change a guy’s thought process into a certain mode that’s a little harder to me than it is to take a guy that’s a one-year guy. A one-year guy that had been in the pro-type offense, to me he’s going to understand and be further along than the guy who was one-year in a non-traditional style pro offense. I think that’s the best way to answer it."

Gailey said the Bills will be open to all options with the third overall pick, including trading out of the spot. 

"I think you have to look at all scenarios," he said. "You’re trying to take care of immediate needs, and at the same time, take care of the long-term franchise good. So, as you look at it, you have to consider all scenarios in that situation."

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