Pretty quiet here in Albany today wih the players off, no practices or meetings, and many of my fellow chroniclers of the camp back home for the day. I chose to remain here in Albany and enjoy some time wandering the streets of Lake George. Very nice way to spend an afternoon.

But there were a few stories that ran in the newspaper on Sunday that I wanted to point out to you. As quiet as today is, yesterday was downright newsy. Well, not compared to a bustling place like Cortland, but pretty active for the Giants.

Anyway, here are the stories from the paper:

Boley, Canty and Bernard return healthy

Ross changes exercise routine to stay healthy

A bigger role for surgically repaired Bradshaw?

Kiwanuka takes some snaps at linebacker

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Time to get it together

Also, I just filed the off-day story for the Monday paper. I think you'll find it interesting. I know I did. It has very little to do with people coming back from injuries or trying to win jobs or earn a new contract. It's more about the bigger picture of training camp and how fragile it can be.

When it's posted a little later this evening I'll add the link here.