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2012 Giants oppnents set

Eli Manning of the New York Giants looks

Eli Manning of the New York Giants looks to pass against the Dallas Cowboys. (Jan. 1, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

First place comes with a nice hat and T-shirt. It also comes with a daunting schedule for the next season.

The Giants finalized their 16 opponents for the 2012 campaign. We’ll know when sometime this spring, but now that the standings have been determined we know the who and the where.

Besides the home-and-away games with their three division opponents, the 2012 Giants will host the Packers, Saints, Bucs, Browns and Steelers. They’ll travel to the 49ers, Falcons, Panthers, Ravens and Bengals.

By the way, most of that list was decided on long before the Giants and Cowboys even took the field last night. The only two games that were affected by the first-place status were the visit to San Francisco and the hosting of the Packers. Of course, the 2011 Giants played those same two opponents in the same place.

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