58° Good Afternoon
58° Good Afternoon

76, 77, 78, 79 ...

... and 80.

At some point this morning, that's the number I and all of the other media members will get to -- probably after a few attempts at bad math -- as we try to take attendnace at the first OTA practice open to the press. Will all 80 players be here? Probably not. There are always a few who have personal business or other things to take care of. And these events are voluntary. Will all those who are here be on the field? Again, probably not. A few will be sidelined with injuries, including those like Kenny Phillips and I assume Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw who are recovering from offseason surgeries.

But this will be the first time we get to see the 2010 Giants on the field together. The first time we get to see Antrel Rolle wearing a new uniform and (as he pointed out to me when I met him the other night) a new jersey number. The first time we get to see the draft picks mix it up with the veterans. And the first time we get to see Perry Fewell spit sparkplugs at the Giants players.

There are also some position battles to keep an eye on (and here I hate to use the words "starting" or "starter" but for lack of a better term and because it's shorter than writing "playing with the first unit" each time, we'll do it). Who will be the starting defensive ends? The middle linebacker? Will Will Beatty be getting starter reps at left tackle? Where will the rookies be playing? Is Hakeem Nicks a starter? Is Aaron Ross a corner or a safety? Or a hybrid?

It's very early. In all liklihood, things that we see today will have very little bearing on the season when it starts in September. But it's also good to get that first glimpse and see where things stand because the last time we saw the Giants on the field together, well, it wasn't all that pretty.

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